Thought for the Week

- November 7

Good morning everyone. I woke up this morning with the phrase, “Undivided attention” on my mind.


We are surrounded with, perhaps even assaulted by, a multitude of distractions seeking our attention, whether it be advertisers on our phone, in our mail or on the radio and television or just life in general. One of the things young children teach us is “undivided attention” as they are fully engrossed in studying a shell on the beach or a flower in the garden.


Children often need our undivided attention to understand what they are really saying or feeling and our spouses, parents, close friends need the same too. It is actually a precious gift that we can give anyone and it will always be appreciated.


The wonderful truth about our amazing God is that He is able to give each one of us undivided attention. Whenever we pray we are in a one to one relationship with the creator of the universe. Awesome! Do we make the most of this wonderful privilege?


And God wants our undivided attention too! He doesn’t need us to give it to Him for His own sake. He wants our attention, so that we get to know Him better, hear His voice and understand His will. Then we can know how much He loves us and we can pray and act in a way that sees His blessing come.


John and Charles’ Wesley’s mum used to put her apron over her head to give the Lord her undivided attention. Her large brood of children knew that when they saw her apron on her head it was not the time to distract her but give her space to meet Him.


However we do it, whenever we do it, let's build in time when we can give the Lord our undivided attention, particularly as we approach Advent and Christmas.


God bless you, Pastor Stephen