Thought for the Day



- July 6



Good morning everyone. Yesterday we were blessed to watch Songs of Praise which focused on the celebration of our National Health Service’s 72nd Birthday and featured an interview with a Christian artist creating a stained glass window for Romsey Abbey in celebration of Florence Nightingale.

Inspired by the call that Florence Nightingale received from the Lord when she was 1 to become a nurse this artist has created a beautiful window with two scriptures:-                 

“Lo, it is I”   Matthew 14:29                  “Here am I, send me”       Isaiah 6:8


The first comes when Jesus appears to His disciples, walking on the water. They are terrified, thinking He is a ghost. He tells them not to be afraid - “Lo it is I”.


The second scripture comes in a vision when the prophet Isaiah hears Father, Son and the Holy Spirit asking themselves, “Whom shall I send. And who will go for us?” His response is, “Here am I, send me”.


For those who are anxious, afraid, sick or feeling alone Jesus comes alongside and says:- “Lo it is I” This is what Florence Nightingale did as a nurse and nurses still do today. It is what Jesus said the Holy Spirit, the comforter, the “paraclete” which means  “the one who comes alongside” would be sent to do for us today.


We all need to know the presence of Jesus by His Spirit. Let’s receive His comfort today.


Coming alongside is also what we can do for others. We too can say “Here am I, send me.” In the same programme Archbishop Justin Welby said that the Church needs to Pray and Prepare. This is the time to pray for our communities and prepare to welcome them, bless them, come alongside them and help those who are anxious, afraid, sick and feeling alone. We can comfort others with the comfort we ourselves have received.


May God come alongside and comfort you today and by His Spirit inspire and empower  you to comfort others with the same comfort that you have received from Him.


Pastor Stephen